Cycle Rally

Past Program

World Earth Day 2021: Jitgadhi Fort (Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City) - Tilottama 'Cycle Rally'

Awareness cycle rally was organized by the Youth Council in Action for Nation (YOUTH CAN) from Jitgadhi Fort with the theme "Restore Our Earth" in collaboration with Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City and Tilottama Municipality, and having ample supporters and coorganizers.

Mr. Dambar Bahadur B.K, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Lumbini Province Traffic Office, inaugurated the Cycle Rally from Jitgadhi Fort, said cycling is important for health and awareness. In the closing program, Deputy Mayor of Tilottama Municipality, Mrs. Jageshwari Chaudhary said that the leadership of youth will be necessary in the subject of sustainable development and environment safeguard. Environment protector Mr. Yuvraj Kandel said youth should come to the front line to raise awareness in the program.

During the program Mr. Ramu Pandey, Founder & President of Youth Council in Action for Nation (YOUTH CAN) and Mr. Kamal Neupane, District President of YOUTH CAN both promises to work in Environment conservation sector with collaborative approach including all the stakeholders.

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