Vaccine Digitalization Campaign in Butwal

Recent Program

Date: 15th July, 2021 to 26th December, 2021

Digitalization has been followed globally to create transparency and effective work execution in different sectors. Vaccine Digitalization Campaign was the joint initiation of Ministry of Health and Population-Nepal, Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City, UNDP Nepal and World Health Organization (WHO) . Youth Council in Action for Nation - YOUTH CAN was assigned as the partner in service youth orgabization to mobilize youth volunteers at 19 wards and diverse vaccine centers/health posts of Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City.

The following activities where caried out by Youth Council in Action for Nation - YOUTH CAN to accomplish the campaign with a grand sucess. The campaign was executed from 15th July, 2021 to 26th December, 2021 with support from all the stakeholders on board.



Activities executed by YOUTH CAN





Orientation to Volunteers

Conducted at Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City Office on 15th July, 2021. The orientation was jointly facilitated  by representatives from UNDP, WHO, Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City and MoHP, Nepal

1. Volunteers got the opportunity to know about the vaccine update and pre-registration, data entry process.



Vaccine Update (1st Phase)

22 volunteers were engaged in 5 different vaccine centers on 16th July and 17th July, 2021

1. In the initial phase there was a coordination problem regarding the placement of volunteers.


2. Volunteers got the opportunity to enhance their communication and coordination skill.



Pre-registration (1st Phase)

46 volunteers were engaged in different 19 wards from 19th July to 2nd August, 2021

1. Volunteers had some challenges to track some of the ward/tole location.

2. Volunteers had the platform to work closely with the local government and know about that ward as a whole.



Vaccine Update (1st  Phase)

21 volunteers were engaged in different vaccine centers on 30th July, 31st July and 1st August, 2021

1. Volunteers in the beginning faced some difficulties in data entry of disable peoples on 1st August, 2021.

2. Volunteers learnt to effectively deal with the people with disabilities.




Video Formation

2 videos were compiled of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City regarding Vaccine Digitalization Campaign  by YOUTH CAN

1. To take the perfect shot with the good lighting and sound in the office was a challenge.

2. The video maker got the chance to enhance his skill and interact with local government representative for his further projects.



Facebook Photo Frame

A frame was developed for the digital campaigning of vaccine pre-registration by YOUTH CAN representative

1. To form the frame with the right size and with the relevant content was a challenge.



Orientation to Volunteers

13 volunteers attended the orientation  program on 13th August, 2021

1. Volunteers got the opportunity to know about the COVID-19 Full Vaccination Certificate and data entry process.



Community Miking

Done with the help of  Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City

1. YOUTH CAN got the opportunity to coordinate with Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City  for effective community miking



Vaccine Update (1st Phase: Additional)


17 volunteers were engaged in 9 different vaccine centers on 10th August and 11th August, 2021

1. With the learning during the 1st phase, this additional phase was smoother in functioning with regards to coordination with concern authorities and volunteer mobilization.


2. Volunteers got the opportunity to enhance their communication/coordination skill and extended their public relation further more.




Vaccine Update: Data search & Electronic ID registration (2nd Phase)

14 volunteers were engaged at Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City office on the dates: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 24th and 25th November, 2021

1. Volunteers had some challenge to track the vaccine updated data of few wards.


2. Volunteers had the platform to work closely with the local government representatives to enhance their professional skills.




Vaccine Digitalization and Post Vaccination Data Entry (3rd Phase)


30 youth volunteers for vaccine digitalization at 15 wards and 22 youth volunteers for post vaccination data entry work was assigned on the dates: 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 26th December, 2021


1. Volunteers are now aware of conflict and time management skills.


2. Time to time server error which has lead to less data entries


3. Unmanaged report keeping of files at ward level which has lead volunteers to struggle during data search of ample individuals (Post Vaccination Work)




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